Walt & Cora Burch

Cora's Profile

Cora joined ABF in 1995, along with her husband, Walt. Though Walt is now retired, he still spends some of his time and abilities advancing the mission of ABC. In the Elementary Education department, Cora pursues her greatest passion for the local church- reaching children and their families.

Cora Burch

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Why are you passionate about your role at ABC?

Having a biblical worldview: I believe our Lord deserves His rightful place as Creator God in all of academics. I am passionate about training teachers to integrate Bible throughout their school day and to make God an influential Presence in the classroom. Christian teachers are tools chosen by parents to assist in the task of sanctification in the lives of their children. Beyond academics, what a privilege we have in helping young believers become more like Christ each day! Teachers can play a vital role in them being "fit for the Master's use" in the present and in the future.
  • Position:
    • Chair of the Elementary Education Ministry Major
    • Faculty - Professor
  • Past Ministry Experience:
    • Elementary teacher at Emmanuel Christian School in Clarksburg, WV
    • Principal at Emmanuel Christian School in Clarksburg, WV
  • Sending church:
    • Emmanuel Baptist Church, Clarksburg, WV
  • Areas of ministry off-campus:
    • Ladies' Sunday School class teacher
    • T&T Leader in AWANA
    • Children's Church
    • Sponsor for an elementary school's Good News Club
    • Formerly served on our church's Missions Council
    • Have taken multiple short-term missions trips
  • Birthday: September 24

  • Favorite pastimes:
    • Traveling with my husband - whether around the world or close to home
    • We marvel at God's beautiful displays of Creation, whether that be a snow-capped mountain or watching the sunrise over the ocean. Hiking through forests is a favorite and we have plenty of opportunities for that right here in West Virginia!