Strategic Plan

Appalachian Bible College, as a mission-driven ministry, sets goals which focus organizational efforts and measure steps in missional success.

At their January 2015 meeting, the Appalachian Bible College Board of Directors adopted a five-year strategic plan presented by President Anderson. The College administration, faculty, and staff pursued these goals, and thank God for His blessings in them. The College will be implementing a new strategic plan in the 2020-21 year.

20/20 Vision Our Destination: Servants for the Church

by September 1, 2020, we will...

  • Grow a President’s Prayer Partner ministry with 1,400 partners interceding in daily prayer.

    OUTCOME: This goal was originally set at 700, and after quickly achieving it, the goal was increased to 1,400. There are currently (11/01/20) 1,336 active prayer partners receiving regular communications.

  • Reach a total student enrollment of 410 and a total dorm count of 220.

    OUTCOME: This goal was not met, but enrollment remains steady and a continual focus.

  • Annually see at least 33% of B.A. graduates pursuing Church-commissioned missionary vocations.

    OUTCOME: Spring Grad Year/%: 2017/10%; 2018/48%; 2019/33%; 2020/23%

  • Annually see at least 85% of B.A. graduates pursuing gospel-focused vocations.

    OUTCOME: Spring Grad Year/%: 2017/94%; 2018/95%; 2019/87%; 2020/81%

  • Increase Alpine Ministries annual attendance by 30%, to 7,373.

    OUTCOME: This goal was met in 2019 and Alpine Ministries attendance remains a strong contribution to missional success.

  • Achieve accreditor recognition and enroll 60 students for Mount Olive Bible College.

    OUTCOME: MOBC received HLC accreditation in Nov. 2018 and ABHE accreditation in July 2019. Twenty-five graduates of MOBC are currently serving throughout the West Virginia prison system. Current enrollment, controlled by the WV Div. of Corrections and Rehabilitation, is currently at 29 and has been as high as 42, with a desire to open new sites in other WV prisons.

  • Add $2 million to the College endowment.

    OUTCOME: This goal was not met; however, as of 5/31/20 it is: $1,738,175.

  • Increase average missionary financial support level to 90%.

    OUTCOME: This goal was not met; however, staff and faculty missionary support average increased every year from 2017-18 to 2019-20. Year/Total $/%: 2017-18/$292,260/73%; 2018-19/$327,056/75.3%; 2019-20/$360,574/78.3%