Pronounced jü-bə-lä-tā on our campus, this unique music ministry features a five-octave English handbell choir. Through teamwork and precision musicianship, the handbells create a beautiful, awe-inspiring sound that produces, like the name of the team means, "a joyful praise and exultation."

While some musical skill is beneficial, you do not have to have any handbell experience to join the Jubilate, in fact you don't even have to know how to read music. Auditions are held in the Fall semester and students must commit to the team for the entire school year. Jubilate Tour also provides opportunity to utilize singing, instruments, and drama with the handbells as they travel across the country for two weeks right after graduation.

Jubilate Overview

Director Mrs. Rosalie Anderson
Participants All Students, Any Major
Size 12-15 ringers
Credit Participants receive 1 hour academic credit each semester
Rehearsal 3 hours per week
Ministry Chapels, Missions Conference, Christmas Concert, Mount Olive Prison Ministry, Montgomery Bank Ministry, Spring Music Festival, Spring Bible Conference, Commencement, 2 Week Summer Tour
Tour 2-Week Tour immediately following Commencement in May
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