Identity, purpose and worth; addiction, broken homes, domestic violence, emotional health — did you know God’s Word speaks to all the issues that women face today? The Lord can use you to point women to the Bible’s answers!

Earning an accredited bachelor's degree from Appalachian Bible College with a double major in Bible / Theology and Biblical Counseling will prepare you for a counseling ministry, while further training in Women’s Ministries will equip you for teaching and discipling ladies in the home, local church, and community.

The ABC Advantage

Our Program

As a Biblical Counseling student, you will first gain a foundation in nouthetic counseling—that is, counseling which is Bible-based, Christ-centered, and local church-oriented. Next, the Women’s Ministries concentration will extend your skills to effectively invest in the lives of women and their families.

At Appalachian Bible College, you will receive intensive classroom instruction in unique areas dealing with women serving women. Individual courses will give you a background in local church programming and issue-related counseling. You will also have the opportunity to be mentored by experienced female ministry leaders, living out the Titus 2 principle of older women teaching younger women!

ABC’s family atmosphere lends itself to small classroom populations and individualized attention from qualified faculty. A variety of teaching methods ensures well-rounded preparation for serving women. You will learn to articulate a Biblical theology and personal philosophy of ministry, and you will gain confidence to administrate a women’s ministry in a local church.

Above all, at ABC you will first learn to exercise Biblical principles in your own life. Then you will be ready to minister God’s grace and healing to others—whether through a formal counseling service or by utilizing counseling principles in other areas of ministry.

Our Faculty

Mrs. Linda Hammons - Women's Ministries Advisor

Mrs. Linda Hammons -

Women's Ministries Coordinator

Twenty years in frontline women’s ministry has exposed me to the many areas of need among women. There is nothing quite like opening the Word with another lady to find Biblical answers and solutions to life’s deepest hurts and concerns. I have a deep passion to see women equipped to serve other women with the Biblical foundation of nouthetic counseling.

Most of all, I desire to follow the example of Jesus Himself who demonstrated compassion, honor, and respect as He ministered to women in all walks of life with a full spectrum of needs—and to assist younger women to do the same!

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Why Women's Ministries?


The need is greater than ever for women in our churches who can skillfully interpret Scripture and apply it to everyday living. No one can minister to a woman as well as another woman! Women are constantly bombarded by societal trends, lack of community, and a postmodern philosophy that runs contrary to a Biblical worldview of the status and role of women. The Bible gives solid principles for female role models and Titus 2 intergenerational ministry. Counseling founded upon the hope-filled gospel of Jesus Christ, the Word of God, the Holy Spirit, ministry of a local church, and a believer’s work in God-glorifying change is key.

The Women’s Ministries concentration at ABC equips women to minister to other women by building spiritually healthy relationships, mentoring that models Biblical womanhood, and enriching the ministries of a local church.

You will gain the ability to:

  • Administrate a Biblically-based model of women’s ministry
  • Teach / disciple / mentor women
  • Practice nouthetic counseling
  • Exercise leadership skills
  • Handle contemporary women’s issues Biblically
  • Pursue graduate studies in Biblical Counseling, Women’s Ministries, or Spiritual Leadership

Career Ministry Opportunities

A bachelor's degree in Biblical Counseling with a Women’s Ministries concentration from a Christian college gives you many opportunities, including:

  • Women’s Ministries Director
  • Christian Education Director
  • Biblical Counseling Centers
  • Student Services
  • Substance Abuse Programs
  • Women’s Shelters
  • Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • Trafficking Rescue
  • Pastor’s Wife
  • Missionary

Objectives & Outcomes

You will be trained in… Leading to…
Christlikeness befitting a minister of the life-changing gospel of Christ the ability and passion to effect godly change in oneself and other women for the glory of God.
the Bible and theology as a basis for scriptural sufficiency and doctrinal integrity in Biblical counseling the proper interpretation, specific application, and confident dispersion of sound scriptural solutions in ministering to other women.
the scripturally sound concepts and distinctive features of Biblical counseling the insightful handling of the personal and interpersonal problems of life specifically faced by women.
the recognition of the primary needs of and cultural challenges facing today’s women the knowledge to design a Biblically-based, effective ministry for women.

Women's Ministries Courses

What's Next?

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