Not only is He the source of truth, God is also the author and definer of beauty. He designed man to participate in creative, beautiful activities. By teaching music, you can help others develop their God-given creative skills.

The double major program of Bible / Theology and Music with a Pedagogy concentration will prepare you to teach music in both private studio and Christian school settings. Your accredited education at Appalachian Bible College will include extensive musical training in your choice of a vocal, keyboard, or choral track as well as instruction in general music education.

The ABC Advantage

Our Program

To become an excellent music educator, you must first be a teachable student. The ABC music faculty will strengthen and expand your musical abilities through private lessons, classes in music theory and history, and experiences in collaborative performance events. Also, you will take general education, counseling, and Bible courses which will give you tools to build and maintain relationships unique to the education environment.

Perhaps the best part of your experience at ABC will be putting into practice what you have learned through a hands-on internship tailored to your pedagogy track. The goal is strong, Biblically-minded music educators, fully equipped to communicate expert musical knowledge in a Christ-like way.

Within the Music - Pedagogy degree, you will choose from one of the following tracks:

  • Vocal
  • Choral
  • Piano
  • Classroom

Our Faculty

Mrs. Sarah Rinker - Music Faculty

Mrs. Sarah Rinker -


Music education is a Biblical concept. In Deuteronomy 31, God commanded Moses to write down a song and teach it to the children of Israel to remind them how they were to live. I Chronicles 25 says that Asaph directed musicians for service in the house of the Lord. My passion is not just to train teachers to be able to communicate musical facts; I want to equip them to use music education as a means to edify and prepare the next generation to serve the Lord.

I often tell my students that though we don’t know many details about heaven, we know there is music, so why not start practicing now! I know that when I teach others about music—adults or children, groups or individuals—I am preparing them to carry out a task they will continue throughout eternity.

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Why Music - Pedagogy?


Because music is a powerful tool for communication in every culture, music educators can have an influential role in developing the creative skills in others. Music educators have the opportunity and responsibility to instruct, nourish, and inspire students in music making and music listening. ABC uniquely instructs future music educators to evaluate every musical choice, activity, method, and teaching strategy considering the unchanging principles of God’s Word.

Career Ministry Opportunities

  • Music Educator
  • Missionary Music Educator
  • Private Studio Instructor
  • Collaborative Pianist
  • Accompanist
  • K-12 Christian School Music Teacher
  • K-12 Public School Music Teacher (with certification / licensure)
  • Music Therapist (with graduate school)

Objectives & Outcomes

You will be trained in… Leading to…
standard and trending musical and pedagogical methods effective teaching in both private studios and educational settings.
content in theory, technique, and artistry a knowledge base that engenders confident teaching.
comprehensive music theory, history, and aural skills a strong preparation for continuing graduate education in music.
procedures for effective communication in business and ministry settings a successful relationship with students, parents, employers, and colleagues.

Music - Pedagogy Courses

What's Next?

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