Under-reached people groups on nearly every continent need church planters dedicated to bringing the Gospel and discipling new believers. As a missionary pilot, you can be greatly used by God to spread the good news of salvation!

For the best foundation to a fruitful ministry, enroll in Appalachian Bible College’s accredited bachelor's degree program which includes a double major in Bible / Theology and Missions with an Aviation concentration.

The ABC Advantage

Our Program

To undertake missionary aviation, you will need highly specialized training from a Christian college and an aviation training center. Many missionary aviators get flight training in specialized schools, but the top requirement for a church planting pilot is a passionate commitment to God’s Word.

The Missions - Aviation degree at ABC will nurture your love for Scripture and for those who have little access to it. This program will equip you with a strong understanding of the Bible, theology, and missions philosophy. Since you will take classes to learn aircraft operating theory, this accredited degree will also give you a jump start on further studies.

All hands-on flight training will be done off site, separate from ABC, through an approved FAA training facility during your summers. The goal is to earn a PPL / VFR (private pilot license / visual flight rules) and IFR (instrument rating) certification by the time you complete your B.A. degree.

Our Faculty

Mr. Phillip Peterson - Faculty

Mr. Phillip Peterson

Do you have a passion for reaching isolated people in a cross-cultural context with the love of Christ? Aviation can be an effective tool to carry the Gospel into areas that lack infrastructure. An airplane saves tremendous time and effort; and by avoiding possible hazards, the airplane is often the only safe and reliable means of transportation for ministry activities in remote areas.

Having family involved in mission aviation ministry, I want to personally encourage you to consider our Church Planting - Aviation major to bring eternal hope, healing, and help to isolated people groups.

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Why Missions - Aviation


Even in the 21st century, many locations remain hard to reach by land. With the right training, you can use aircraft to travel to remote villages and lay the groundwork for a new church! First, immerse yourself in God’s Word, learn from instructors with years of experience on the mission field, and get equipped to serve as a church planting aviator-missionary.

Career Ministry Opportunities

  • Global Missions
  • Aviation church planting ministries
  • Preacher or teacher in remote areas
  • Bush pilot
  • Home Missions

Objectives & Outcomes

You will be trained in… Leading to…
Identifying the Biblical patterns and means for fulfilling the missionary mandate determining where and how you can serve God in worldwide missions.
examining the Biblical methodologies for church planting and growth implementing the appropriate steps to establish an effective church ministry.
knowing the basic presuppositions of major 20th century religions intelligently communicating the Gospel of Christ to followers of other belief systems.
discovering the critical nature of relationships in ministry establishing strong relationships for the purpose of evangelism and discipleship.
discerning which cultural differences are Biblically permissible effectively ministering to people of diverse cultures.
operating and maintaining aircraft for remote church planting acquiring a PPL (Private Pilot License) with IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) rating certification.

Missions Courses

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