You can study cross-cultural ministry in the classroom, but how will you learn firsthand what it’s like to be a missionary? Some knowledge is best gained through experience.

This is the purpose of the International Studies concentration of the accredited double major in Bible / Theology and Missions.

The ABC Advantage

Our Program

You have the opportunity to experience missions in South America for nearly a year, under the guidance of skilled missionaries and national pastors!

The Missions - International Studies major follows this schedule:

  • 2 years at ABC in West Virginia
  • 11 months at Arriba in Chile
  • Final year at ABC

Our Faculty

Mr. Phillip Peterson - Faculty

Mr. Phillip Peterson

I did not come to ABC after 18 years in missions because I was tired and wanted to come “home.” No, I would love to still be serving in any part of the world! But there is a great need to see the next generation prepared and trained to carry out The Mission. I desire that my efforts as a missionary be greatly multiplied through many graduates who endeavor to make disciples of all nations.

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Why Missions - International Studies?


Arriba is a one-of-a-kind missions experience that has been transforming the lives of college students since 1982. Under the guidance of skilled missionaries, you will spend 11 months in Chile, beginning with 30 credits of relevant coursework and continuing with a hands-on ministry internship in a Chilean church.

You will receive five months of Spanish language acquisition and accredited academics (taught by Christian university and Bible college professors from the United States). After learning conversational Spanish, you will actively participate in missionary service for six months with veteran missionaries and national pastors in all three geographical regions of Peru: urban coastal centers, mountains, and jungle.

Arriba is part of the Baptist Mid-Missions extended studies program.

Career Ministry Opportunities

  • Global missions
  • Tribal missions
  • Church ministries among Spanish speakers around the world

Objectives & Outcomes

You will be trained in… Leading to…
identifying the Biblical patterns and means for fulfilling the missionary mandate determining where and how you can serve God in worldwide missions.
examining the Biblical methodologies for church planting and growth implementing the appropriate steps to establish an effective church ministry.
knowing the basic presuppositions of major 20th century religions intelligently communicating the Gospel of Christ to followers of other belief systems.
discovering the critical nature of relationships in ministry establishing strong relationships for the purpose of evangelism and discipleship.
discerning which cultural differences are Biblically permissible effectively ministering to people of diverse cultures.

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